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Thanks again for being such a legend! I really really appreciate how nice it was to work with you.

The thing I really appreciated about working with Nick is how personable he is. I approached Tiny House 2 Go on the recommendation of a fellow Tiny House dweller and friend and was not disappointed.  

From the outset Nick was friendly, approachable and happy to answer any and all of the questions I had. His communication was timely & detailed, attributes I’d found lacking in other companies I’d considered. We worked together over a number of months to custom design my house and then we moved forward with the build. I really appreciated how flexible Nick was in allowing me to nominate what parts of the build I wanted him to do, and what I wanted him to leave for me to DIY. When it came time to hand over the house to me Nick gave me a detailed run-down of the main jobs I still need to do and his suggestions for doing them well. 

I feel like I was in great hands with Nick and Tiny House 2 Go and that the level of advice and personalisation I received would be really hard to find anywhere else. I’m absolutely thrilled with my newly delivered tiny house. Thank you so much Guys!!


Ric Butler : 0419 135 869