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This Tiny House was built for Ric - a member of our team.  It has been designed specifically for his requirements and is now one of our standard models.  This tiny house is located in the Yarra Valley and is available as B&B accommodation.  Come and try it and Find out how it feels to live in a tiny house.

Little Yarra Tiny House

Ric's Tiny House 1 Ric's Tiny House 4 Ric's Tiny House 6 Ric's Tiny House 5 Ric's Tiny House 3 Ric's Tiny House 2 Kitchen On the Mezzanine Deck to Dining room Small mezzanine and bathroom

Inside Ric's Tiny House

Come and stay in this beautiful tiny house, located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.  Experience the tiny lifestyle first hand.