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May 2017 : Computer images of Ric's tiny house.

June 2017 : We've started building!

July 2017 : Going well.

August 2017 : Tiny House Australia meetup

We hosted Tiny House Australia's September meet up last Sunday, and what a fabulous afternoon it was.  There was some wonderful conversation about the building of tiny houses, and the perennial question of where to locate them.  We introduced people to our partially finished tiny house, where many people delighted in the spacious feel and curved bathroom end.  On the day the mezzanine was off limits, but this will be ready to go for ECOSS Spring Fair on Sunday, September 24th.  Come and meet us there!

Ric's Tiny House was open to the public.  Hundreds of people came to visit us, enjoying the beautiful outlook from our deck. Comments included how light, open and airie the house felt.  Children especially enjoyed climbing up and down the ladder from the mezzanine.  Thank you everyone for a wonderful day.

September 2017 : ECOSS Spring Fair

ECOSS Spring Fair 2017

October 2017 : Set up for the Spring Fair

New Photos coming soon for 2020 including our single storey design, and our new house that has approval by a local council for living on a city block.

February 2018 : Ric's Tiny House in location