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The Tiny House idea offers enormous potential to house people without placing a huge financial burden on its occupants. Ownership of a large suburban house may also be unattainable to many. Housing has also become a key issue as the lack of rental properties and societal problems highlight the need for emergency housing. The choice to inhabit a tiny house may not in fact be a choice but a very attractive option for the more needy sector of our society.

Initiatives in the US, where the tinyhouse idea has flourished, have seen the development of tinyhouse clusters for people in need.  Such initiatives will require funding bodies and authorities to take a mental leap into something enitirely new. Unlike caravan parks or shared dormitories there is the potential for people to retain their privacy and dignity with well thought through design.

Tiny Homes Foundation Gosford

In Gosford NSW there is the first real tiny house development for homelessness. Four self-contained dwellings share a common laundry workshop and garden. The project’s CEO states: “A home is not just a roof overhead it is a springboard under your feet."   And very importantly, the project is low cost , and council approved.